to find the poetry in the ordinary

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get on tumblr on 9/11, the day that completely turned my country upside down, affected every single person here in one way or another and changed, still to this day, the way we go about our lives, and every other post is some 14 year old who doesn’t even fucking have any idea what that day was like, saying americans need to get the fuck over it


Not my country. Still my world.

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Society is constantly whispering rules in your ear about what you should want, about who you should want, about how you should live your life and fill the holes of need inside you… Strip it down and maybe don’t say how do I fill those holes but where do they come from ? Asking why I want is far more useful than asking what do I want, because there is a lot of freedom there when you realize “this thing that is driving me nuts… Really ?”
Hank Green (Earbiscuits)

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